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Lease return options near you in Renton

No matter which dealership you initially leased your Honda from, AutoNation Honda Renton can take your vehicle at the end of your lease. Don't stress over what to do when your Honda lease ends. Instead, give AutoNation Honda Renton a call at (425) 526-5088 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members. Our team will walk you through the lease return process and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Review the lease return options available at AutoNation Honda Renton

Option one - Lease a new Honda

Visit AutoNation Honda Renton to test-drive your next Honda. You may find that a new Honda is your best option, depending on the age of your current lease and the vehicles available. When you select your next Honda, you'll return your Honda to AutoNation Honda Renton.

Option two - Keep your leased Honda vehicle

If you're satisfied with your current Honda lease, you may want to consider this option. There are three ways to keep your current lease from AutoNation Honda Renton:

  1. Purchase your vehicle.
  3. Finance the remaining amount.
  5. Re-lease your vehicle.

Option three - Return your Honda vehicle

Schedule an appointment at AutoNation Honda Renton to return your vehicle on or before your lease maturity date. AutoNation Honda Renton will review the condition of your vehicle and confirm that the necessary repairs have been made. You will sign a Vehicle Return Confirmation form to validate that the return process is complete.


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Learn about the pros and cons of leasing or buying a Honda

Deciding whether or not to lease or buy your new or used car can be challenging. Learn about the pros and cons of leasing or buying a new Honda from AutoNation Honda Renton. Check out our guide to leasing or buying a new or used Honda.

Lease vs. Buy 101

Apply for financing for your Honda in Renton, WA

Get started on the financing process from the comfort of your own home to streamline the financing process. Learn about how your credit score may affect the financing options available to you when buying a new or used Honda.

Apply for Financing

Browse Honda models for sale at AutoNation Honda Renton

To find the perfect Honda to replace your current lease, visit AutoNation Honda Renton for the best inventory of Honda cars and SUVs in Renton, WA. Make sure you come and see us at AutoNation Honda Renton to test drive the perfect Honda for you.

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How to return your Honda at AutoNation Honda Renton

End-of-lease Call

Approximately 120 days before your lease matures, AutoNation Honda Renton will call to remind you that your lease maturity date is approaching. This is a good time to visit AutoNation Honda Renton for a pre-inspection and let us know if you are planning to keep your current Honda or looking to get a new one.

Inspection Call

Approximately 75 days before your lease expires, an independent inspection company will contact you to arrange an appointment, at your convenience, for a brief but mandatory vehicle inspection.

Vehicle Inspection

At this time, the independent inspection company will evaluate the condition of your Honda. Upon completion of the inspection, a Vehicle Inspection Report will be sent to you, upon request, outlining required repairs or associated costs for excess wear and use, if any. Should your vehicle require service or repair, you have the option of either having the work completed prior to vehicle return and submitting receipts to our Finance Center or paying the charges outlined in the report at vehicle turn-in. To ensure the repairs are acceptable, we recommend having them completed at AutoNation Honda Renton.

Returning Your Vehicle

If you are returning your Honda, it must be brought in to AutoNation Honda Renton on or before the lease maturity date. Please give us a call and schedule an appointment in advance. We will review the condition of your vehicle and confirm that all necessary repairs have been made. You will then sign a Vehicle Return Confirmation form to validate that the turn-in process has been completed.

For more information on the Honda lease return process, contact AutoNation Honda Renton at (425) 526-5088 today to speak with one of our friendly team members. We understand that your time is valuable, so we are dedicated to make the process as smooth as possible.

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